Our Story (cont'd)

UPDATE ON MOM – August 24, 2019


A lot has happened since I wrote “Our Story” and launched our website.     Several weeks after mom entered hospice care and her health began to improve, she took a dramatic turn for the worse.   I was paralyzed with sadness thinking that Mom may not be with us much longer.    Every moment became precious.   I started visiting her every day, driving across the Valley from my office to her Valley Glen board and care.   Mom was showing every sign of decline, barely eating, losing weight and sleeping most of the day.  It was heart wrenching to see her waste away.   Some days she could not smile or respond to my kisses and hugs.


Weeks before her condition worsened, I asked the hospice to send a speech therapist do an evaluation.   The hospice told me it would make no difference, she was not going to get better.   I asked again and soon afterwards a speech therapist was scheduled.    She conducted a swallowing test and concluded Mom was in danger of choking without assistance with eating.   She recommended spoon feeding and blended foods only. Thank goodness for the speech therapist.    Mom was soon eating again, hooray, hooray!   The big surprise was, despite her increased food intake, she actually lost 13 pounds, and  in a short period of time.  What was going on?    Hospice advised the weight loss was expected!    Ouch!  Mom was down to 88 pounds.   She began to look like a like a little sparrow.   She is swimming in her loosely fitting clothes.   It is so sad to see.

Despite it all, in the past three weeks Mom has had a remarkable comeback.   She is able to sit up,  is conversant, and thank you God, smiling.  The hospice has also improved.    Mom has an LVN that visits her four times a week, the podiatrist was finally approved, and a physical therapist is coming once a week.     I believe she is getting the best possible care.   The other big part of the equation is the tremendous caregivers at her board and care.   They are very professional, attentive, caring, and kind.    I cannot ask for more, I am very grateful!