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Our goal is to simplify your journey.  We help you find the best residential care options for your loved one with personal, caring, and professional guidance.

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We provide free referral services to the best care options:

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•  Board and Care Homes

•  Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

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How We Work

Choosing a residence for your loved one can be a surprisingly difficult process, especially if you are unfamiliar with assisted living options and are caring for an elderly family member.  We can help provide you with significant assistance in narrowing down your choices and frustration.

Our services are free of charge.

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    We Get to Know You

    We collect detailed information to understand you and your loved one’s social, financial, medical and geographic needs. 

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    We Find the Perfect Fit

    There are many factors to be considered, such as location, cost, current and future care requirements, and amenities to help you choose the best fit for your loved one.  We can provide all of this to save you the time of gathering all of this information and days of phone calls and community visits.    

    We also have access to information that you may not think to ask about. Information, such as occupancy rates, number of residents, resident to staff ratios, proximity to hospitals, family reviews, and resident complaints. We can also help you save money by helping you understand the pricing variables, which can depend on the levels of care. 

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    We Follow Through

    Prior to deciding on a community, most families will take a tour of the residence. Tours can be very time-consuming.  We can help you decrease the number of tours that are needed because we pre-qualify every community based on your criteria. 

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Our Story

Mom never wanted to move out of her house. That was the last thing she wanted to do. She lived in her home for over 60 years, raised three children, and retired in the same house. As she got older, and after her significant other of 30 years passed away, she began falling again and again, it became apparent, at least to me, that she needed assistance to remain at home.

She was 89 when we hired the first private caregiver. That was over five years ago, and it worked for a while. Although the caregiver was very helpful, kind and compassionate, she could not protect mom from falling. My mother, a woman with a very strong will, a perennial exerciser and gym rat, shot out of chairs to pick up a scrap of paper across the room, and could fall with a caregiver next to her side. It was impossible to protect her. The last fall resulted in another ambulance ride to the ER, and her first visit to a skilled nursing facility. Thank goodness she didn’t break her hip. Several days of rehabilitation was required, and I knew, for her safety, that she couldn’t go back home. She was very weak, weak like a kitten she would say, and she agreed to move to a board and care home. She thought it was temporary. I knew it wasn’t. I, the good Girl Scout, spent over a year researching options for her. After numerous visits to board and care homes, I found a cheerful board and care close to my home with an abundance of caregivers, a weekly activity schedule, and alert residents for companionship.

As mom’s strength increased it became apparent she needed a more stimulating environment and she moved to a wonderful residential care community in the area. She loved it. She had a large studio apartment, new friends, stimulating activities, great food and entertainment; it was hard to stop her. When she wasn’t with friends, she raced her walker upstairs and down, and began falling again. Despite warnings from staff and friends, she continued to race her walker around and around. And worse, she began having anxiety attacks followed by numerous ambulance rides to the ER. What was going on here?

My lovely beautiful mom, my super-active mom, my world traveler, ballroom dancer Mom, was finally diagnosed with dementia. She had to move to a place with memory care, and, ideally, one with an onsite physician. Mom liked frequent visits to Kaiser. Where could I find a memory unit with a physician’s office? After searching throughout the valley, I was referred to the perfect residential care community with a memory unit, a physician’s office down the hall, and a flexible administrator who allowed residents to be escorted to the large dining room outside the memory unit.

We went to a private home health care agency for a caregiver to keep Mom company. It was a great place until the administrator changed the rules. Suddenly the private caregiver’s were restricted from preventing falls, and overnight we had no one. Within a few days, Mom fell again and was hospitalized. After several blood transfusions, she made it through, and it was time to move once again. I knew that only a board and care would do. Fast forward. Two days ago mom entered Hospice care. She had been hospitalized twice in the last two weeks. This time the doctor’s very gingerly suggested considering Hospice. I agreed. Mom isn’t going to get better. She doesn’t need to continue suffering painful invasive treatments, CT scans, blood transfusions and IV’s. It’s time for comfort care. It’s time for more care. The reality hasn’t hit me yet. It is hard to grasp. Our story isn’t over yet. Stay tuned.

If you're a caregiver, you know what I am talking about.  Read more...

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